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How to Replace a Honda Key Fob Battery

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Key fobs make getting in and out of your vehicle much easier than the previous ways of doing so. With a simple push of a button, you can unlock all of your vehicle’s doors and even the truck compartment. But, like most battery-powered instruments, they eventually lose their juice and must be replaced, and if you don’t know how to change the battery you might feel stuck.

Replacing your Honda key battery isn’t the hardest thing in the world. Use this guide to change the battery in Honda key fob quickly or contact our us at our Danbury dealership for proper help. We’re not far away from Bethel!

How to Open Honda Key Fob and Replace the Battery

Although your key fob might seem like it’s sealed shut to some Brookfield drivers, there is a way on how to open Honda key fob correctly. Use the following steps:

  • Locate the button to release the metal key inside the fob. Slide that button open and pull the key out. 
  • Carefully place the edge of the key into the slot at the top of the key fob. Wedge the key and lightly twist, the back of the key fob should pop off. 

This is the way the key fob was designed to be opened; it’s a tried and tested way so you don’t break or damage your key fob when you’re trying to find out how to change the battery. Now that you have it open, you can change the battery in Honda key fob.

Honda Key Fob Battery Replacement

Once the key fob is open, you see the electronic piece and the battery slot containing the dead battery. Make sure you don’t take the entire fob apart because you can scramble the parts and your key fob won’t work. Use the following steps on how to change your Honda key battery:

  • Hold your thumb right above where the battery is located.
  • Using your other hand, carefully pry the dead battery out and replace it with a fresh one.
  • Line the back of the key fob up with the front half, gently press the pieces back together. Once secured, you will hear a snap.

How to Program Your Honda Key Fob

The final step is to know how to program your Honda key fob battery. This step ensures that your key fob is working properly and it will work fine the next time you use it. Knowing how to program the Honda key fob is the easiest step. Use the following steps to properly program your key fob:

  1. Enter the cabin, securely shut all doors, and have your key and fobs to be programmed ready. 
  2. Insert the key and turn to the “On” position. Press and hold the “LOCK” button for one second. 
  3. Release the button and turn the key to the “Off” position. Repeat this process twice more.
  4. Turn the key to the “On” position and hold the “LOCK” button on the key fob for one second. Wait for the doors to lock and unlock automatically. Once the locks have cycled, your vehicle is in remote programming mode.
  5. Once again hold the “LOCK” button for one second. Once the locks cycle, the key fob has been successfully paired with your vehicle. Repeat the process with any additional fobs that need programming. 

Visit our Service Department for More Help

Doing all these steps to replace and program a honda key battery can be tricky for some people, and if you find yourself unable to do it, just visit our New Fairfield-area dealership. Our service department knows how to do a key fob battery replacement quickly so you can get back onto the road in no time. Schedule a service appointment and we’ll get started!

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